My character strengths

One of my favorite tools of self analysis is the via character strength profile . I hear a lot of advice (which i agree with) that people should play to their strengths and not avoid their fears. But what are my strengths ? Character strengths? This tool tells you. My top six are Creativity, love of learning, perspective, honesty, perseverance (resilience), and judgement. Pretty much straight up ceo stuff. That makes sense.

2 thoughts on “My character strengths”

  1. Thank you for the article on character strengths. I found it while poking around for information on the Imperium Renewables Plant and its current status.

    Where I work, we put alot of money into determining strengths but very little into playing on our strengths.

  2. Great Activity. Thx Martin. Took the basic Free Trial and got some interesting results.

    1- Creativity
    2- Curiosity
    3- Love of Learning
    4- Perspective
    5- Honesty

    I’m surprised that #6 is Appreciating Bequty and Excellence…ahead of things like Teamwork (#7), and Gratitude (#8) and Hope (#9)

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