DO This: The Coin and Pen challenge (for your kids)

Got this from listening to Subir Chowdhury on Bulletproof Radio.

This is a question Subir’s grandfather used to ask him when he was six years old and he still remembers.  I am going to do this with Madison soon.

Offer your child a coin (quarter) ( I may upgrade this to a $5 for inflation) or a pen.  Which would they choose?

If they choose the money (which most will to fulfill an immediate desire for candy or some other short-term “need”), say “No, the wrong choice”.

Always choose the pen. With a pen, you can create something, you can write notes for years on college, you can take tests, you can pen a master piece.  With the pen, you have long term creativity. With the money you have short term desire fulfillment, then you need more.   Always choose long term creativity.


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One thought on “DO This: The Coin and Pen challenge (for your kids)”

  1. The Coin and the Pen Challenge is a great idea! I have two kids old enough at the moment (10 & 9) to take the challenge. I will be studying their faces closely for that “ah ha” moment when I explain it to them.

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