March 9, 2009

the official specs on my Night Rod

martins_nightrod Bought this NightRod from Nick down at Custom Performance in Phoenix last year. It is down there getting a tune up now. Back next week in Seattle for the summer riding seasons.  Finally found the official specs:

1250 Engine, Trask black on black turbo system, SE Race Tuner Module, 163 HP, 108 Ft Lbs Tq


dyno for my nightrod

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December 21, 2006

Neander motors christmas card

The crazy Germans at Neander Motorcycles sent a cute Christmas card (or Weihnacht in German). I would have preferred Santa sent one of their bikes. I am getting VERY itchy for their big bad diesel bike....

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October 10, 2006

Neander gets TUV

The Neander diesel powerbike is about a year behind schedule, but apparently they passed a big hurdle in Sept. Getting the German TUV certificate. I hope they still have my deposit! Check out the update and new picture!

As you see, progress is being made!

All in all, reorganizing the Neander pre-series model is taking longer than planned – because, of course, the chassis should be as perfect as the motor. The particularly complex components (such as the swingarm, the twin telescoping forks, and the tail plate) have gobbled up more time than we had estimated.

The delay will push us into the 2007 season. This is not such a big deal, because it gives us more time to properly tighten the last screws and test drive the Neander until the asphalt knows each tread by name.

As part of our Rollout tour (at the beginning of the year, at the latest), we will offer test-drives, so that you can prove the power and elegance of the REAL NEANDER to yourselves.

Until then, you can look at what you're getting into in 360° on the
Internet: and then click the options "Motorcycle" and "3D View".

Autumn greetings from the coast,

Team Neander

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August 9, 2004

Just got back from 5 days on the Harley

You can find the photos here. Previously I had hoped to go up the Alcan, but work got busy, so I ended up only with 5 days. So went with my buddie Art up to Whistler where we stayed for two days because of rain. Watched alot of movies and sat at Starbucks. Good. Then over 99 to Cross Canada 1 over to Kamloops. Then through Salmon Arm, down through Kelowna, through Pentictin down to outside Winthrup WA to the Sun Mountain Lodge. Today hiked through the North Cascade Highway down to the Redhook Brewery and back home.

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July 19, 2004

One guys AlCan trip

Great White North this guy took a 7 day trip from Spokane Wa to Skagway and back. I am thinking of taking about a 14 day trip starting Aug. 1. North. To Alaska. To as far as I can get. Maybe take the ferry back. Don't know yet. The positive thing I read in this (written in 2002) is only one really hairy road construction piece.

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February 23, 2004

Biker Dreams now available on Amazon

Way back in 1996 Alex and I were part of a Harley Davidson documentary called Biker Dreams. DVD: Biker Dreams (1997) It was released in 1997. That year I heard that it was available on Amazon. I went there and ordered five VHS copies and told my mother to as well. When Biker Dreams, the 1970s porno showed up I was quite surprised. I mailed Jeff with warnings about bad database linkages. Well all that seems to be behind us now as the DVD is out and apparently Amazon is now shipping the right SKU. Have fun!

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December 10, 2003

Motorcycling in BC

Last year I took a two week harley trip out through eastern Washington then up to Pentictin Canada and across to Banff, then back down to Glacier and home through the tri cities. The Canadian roads were some of the best. Less traffic. Amazing mountains and valleys. I found this site that does a great job rating the roads for "rideability" on a motorcycle. It has everything you need to tour BC. It even comes in a paper copy to stuff in your bag! Destination Highways - Roads you journey to, to travel on...

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