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November 19, 2010

The Power of Deals in Context

I have been talking about the power of putting deals in context with content for a long time.  This is the future of daily deals, not another site full of coupons. 

Today, this was brought home in spades while reading a story on Business Insider about a Google/Groupon rumor.  Business Insider has a group commerce section which is Powered By Tippr.  What shows up in the middle of the story about Groupon/Google?  A Pipeline deal which is powered by Tippr.  Got to love it when it all comes together.

Tippr near Groupon story on BI

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November 17, 2010

The incredible flexibility of PoweredByTippr…

One of the great things about the PoweredByTippr platform is that the technology can enable group commerce for anyone with an audience.  This audience can be hyper local in one city, national with multiple local audiences, national with no geotargeting at all, or even not related to local business or deals at all.  This was brought home to me today when Dane Knecht, our VP of Development reminded me of seven current sites we power with VERY different audiences.

1.  Entercom Austin - national Radio brand http://myaustinperks.com

2.  Belo - national TV operator, http://yollar.com

3. Daily Texan - College newspaper/TV/Radiohttp://deals.dailytexanonline.com/

4. Business Insider - National business web site http://pipeline.businessinsider.com

5. 365Austin - Austin, TX facebook fan page,http://deals.dailytexanonline.com/

6.  225BestEats - Leading Baton Rouge media company,  http://225besteats.com/

7. Tippr.com - the #3 consumer destination for local deals, http://tippr.com

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Yipit nation, a good thing

Our friends over at Yipit have launched Yipit Nation.  A daily deal aggregator focusing on national deals.  Happy to see it. Especially since they are including many of the sites that are PoweredByTippr including BusinessInsider!

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November 12, 2010

Weekly Cinema BLOWS UP

How many $10 bills could you sell for $5.  Well bunches.  That is basically what http://weeklycinema.com was doing with discounted movie tickets.  At Tippr we promoted the offer for them and sold thousands.  Customers love discounted movie tickets.  We could have sold an infinite number of $10 bills for $5.  The real question always in the back of my mind How long can you sell $10 bills for $5?  Well we got the answer today from Weekly Cinema: 

Notice to be posted on www.weeklycinema.com

Thank you for visiting Weekly Cinema. The future of Weekly Cinema is under review. While this review is being performed, we are not able to process or redeem movie ticket coupons.  We are working with our deal site partners to achieve a refund for the unused movie tickets and promo codes in your Weekly Cinema account in an amount of up to the price paid for each of the unused movie ticket coupons.

A Hotline phone number to provide additional information about Weekly Cinema is being set up. Please provide your Weekly Cinema user ID in the box below if you would like us to email you when an update is available. Otherwise, check the site later today for further updates.
Bummer for all the Weekly Cinema customers.  I am one of them. I had not redeemed all my tickets yet and the site won’t let you anymore. so I am emailing weekly cinema for a refund, but I am afraid they are bankrupt.  Ouch.  As a deal site, Tippr will try to keep our customers happy, but we are out the money also.  This is not going to be fun for anyone.

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