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August 31, 2010

Defeat 1098 is the right thing to do

Dear Friend,

Each week, we here at Defeat 1098 report our contributions to the Washington Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) in accordance with campaign finance rules. Yes on 1098 is required to do the same. There has yet to be a week where the difference between our two campaigns has been more apparent. We are the grassroots campaign. They are not. We have the support of Washingtonians in every corner of the state. They are funded by wealthy government employee unions and Bill Gates, Sr.
To demonstrate the clear difference between Defeat 1098 and the proponents of the new state income tax, here is a by the numbers comparison:

Total raised last week:

Defeat 1098 - $441,608
Yes on 1098 – $366,810

Contributions last week:

Defeat 1098 - 498
Yes on 1098 - 14

From individuals last week:

Defeat 1098 – $409,608
Yes on 1098 - $1,810

Union contributions last week:

Defeat 1098 - $0
Yes on 1098 - $365,000

Overall total from SEIU:

Defeat 1098 – $0
Yes on 1098 - $997,954

Overall total from unions:

Defeat 1098 - $0
Yes on 1098 - $1,273,454

Overall total amount raised:

Defeat 1098 - $1,554,128
Yes on 1098 - $2,530,496

Approx. contributors:

Defeat 1098 – 1,425
Yes on 1098 – 200

Approx. avg. contribution:

Defeat 1098 - $1,084
Yes on 1098 - $12,652

The opposition is claiming to be the grassroots campaign leading the charge on behalf of the people. Nothing could be further from the truth. They continue to claim Defeat 1098 is funded by a small group of very wealthy citizens. As you can see from the data above, their charges ring hollow. The truth is, 70 percent of the income tax advocates’ funds come from two sources -- government employee unions and Bill Gates, Sr.
We enjoy tremendous support from people all across the state and are proud to be the true grassroots campaign in this race. Thank you for standing with us against this income tax!

A Washington State income tax will only benefit the unions and government employees with more tax dollars.  It will sap competitiveness from Washington State and force it’s best companies and brightest citizens to consider moving (i know i am).  It is also interesting to look at the data on who is actually funding what.  The opposition is very grass roots. The pro tax camp is unions and Bill Gates Sr.  Crazy talk

Posted by Martin at August 31, 2010 1:48 PM

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