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April 30, 2009

Keep track of your Segway keys

or your employees may steal it while you are out for coffee and make movies about it

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Pump’n up the video over at Kashless.org

Courtney is making the slick video mixes…

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April 27, 2009

A very unfortunate turn in America’s power

Last year who would have thought that the US President would be bowing to the King of an Islamic theocracy?  Well it has happened. Obama is waving the white flag and kow-towing to the oil states while paying lip service to oil replacements.  This is unbelievable.  Set America Free has good coverage of this. 


The perils of bowing to kings
Another reminder of our nation's state of affairs was given to us by President Obama in his recent meeting in London with the Saudi King. The sight of a US president bowing before one of the world's most corrupt and dictatorial leaders was a repudiation of America's power abroad. To those who think this is reflective only of the current administration
read here for a reminder that subservience to the oil rich Saudis transcends political boundaries. Set America Free's Gal Luft was asked by Foreign Policy Magazine to toy with the idea of a world without Saudi Arabia. Here are some of his thoughts.

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Write your representative and support the Open Fuel Standard!

Broad support for an Open Fuel Standard
With the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress settling in we have seen a burst of activity in support of fuel choice. This started with President Obama's decision to allocate $2.4 billion in taxpayer funds to develop advanced batteries and speed up the commercialization of plug in hybrids and electric cars, part of the Administration's plan to spur the sale of one million plug ins by 2015. If Congress is truly committed to breaking oil's virtual monopoly over transportation fuel, by the same year most of our new cars could also be capable of running on something other than gasoline. This can happen through the enactment of the bipartisan OPEN FUEL STANDARD ACT which was recently introduced in both the House (HR1476) and the Senate (S.835). The Open Fuel Standard (OFS) requires that starting in 2012, 50% of new automobiles powered by an internal combustion engine, and starting in 2015, 80% of such new automobiles, be flex fuel vehicles warranted to operate on gasoline, ethanol, and methanol, or be warranted to operate on biodiesel. It costs automakers an extra $100 per car to give us the insurance policy we need to prepare us for the next oil crisis that will surely come once we pull out of the recession. The CEOs of the Big Three auto companies have repeatedly stated their willingness to commit to making 50% of new cars flex fuel vehicles or warranted to operate on biodiesel by 2012. The OFS would buttress this commitment with law, thus providing certainty for investors in a variety of alternative fuels to ramp up production and fuel station owners to install pumps. By enacting the OFS Congress can break OPEC's hold on the international fuel market and insulate the global economy from the threat of future OPEC price manipulation. Original OFS co-sponsors in the Senate are Senators Brownback, Cantwell, Collins, Klobuchar, Lieberman and Thune. In the House the effort is led by Congressmen Engel, Bartlett, Inglis and Israel. Kudos to all of them.
The OFS idea is already becoming a key component of the energy agenda for many on the Hill and in the punditry. The National Energy Security Act (S.774) introduced by Sens. Dorgan and Voinovich also embraces the concept and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich endorsed the OFS in a Newsweek article. In addition, a report by the Oil Solutions Initiative, a collaborative effort of several think tanks, energy policy groups and leaders from the security, environmental and business communities, including the Brookings Institute, Rocky Mountain Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations, argued that the OFS should be one of the near term policy enablers needed to move the country toward energy independence.
We can all make a small effort to help. Please take a moment to send a letter to your representative by clicking here.

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designing a new fixie

from RepublicBike.com



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April 23, 2009

One of the most disturbing letters on the financial crisis I have read so far

And I expect more. This is Cuomo’s letter to the Fed/Treasury notifying them of irregularities that they discovered in relation to the BofA/Merrill Lynch shotgun merger.  Read this and you will realize that a couple bureaucrats in Washington are forcing private business to do non-economic things and actually violating a bunch of SEC regulations in the process.  And hiding what they are doing from taxpayers and shareholders (who are getting screwed).  This is very disturbing.  Some excerpts below.


Despite the fact that Bank of America had determined that Merrill Lynch's financial condition was so grave that it justified termination of the deal pursuant to the MAC clause, Bank of America did not publicly disclose Merrill Lynch's devastating losses or the impact it would have on the merger. Nor did Bank of America disclose that it had been prepared to invoke the MAC clause and would have done so but for the intervention of the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve.
Lewis testified that the question of disclosure was not up to him and that his decision not to disclose was based on direction from Paulson and Bernanke: "I was instructed that 'We do not want a public disclosure. '"

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April 20, 2009

uninstalling crap

Came home from Hawaii. Windows Vista desktop pegged, both processors at 100% and all 6 gigs of memory taken. Processes gone wild.  Removing a bunch of stuff including

SpringBox (never used)

Twhirl (mobile only )

RescueTime (too processor heavy, never used)

WindowsLive Sign-in Assistant (never use)

w.Bloggar 4.02 (moved to WindowsLive Writer)

Snitter (Stopped using)

Spoke (never used, lots of overhead in Outlook)

SmartShopper (totally annoying sidebar)

Blackberry Media sync (installed Roxio sync which is a HOGGGGGGGGGG)


that seemed to have gotten rid of most of the hogs I don’t use anymore. System running MUCH faster.

(oh, and I tuned BackBlaze down to faster network while I work)


CPU utilization now 12% and 9% respectively, memory utilization 49%

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April 17, 2009

Cool Hawaii south shore surf map

Old school pictures with all the good spots. Going to surf Populars this morning.

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April 16, 2009

Trying to cancel my Linked-In account

I upgraded to a “Business” account for recruiting purposes for Kashless.  At the time I didn’t look at the downgrade process. I usually do because it says alot to me about what kind of company it is if the downgrade or account cancel process is easy or hard.  Take 37 Signals products for example. It is super simple to downgrade. Just go to the “compare plans” page. They have your current plan highlighted and the lower plans have a “downgrade to this plan'” button and the higher plans have an “upgrade” button.  Push the right button and it happens immediately, even pro-rata.  That is good customer service.

Now Linked in:

A request to cancel your premium subscription switches your account to a free personal account. Cancellation will end billing and remove access to the premium features designed for premium subscriptions.

A request to downgrade your premium subscription changes your account to a lower level premium subscription while still offering features like InMails and expanded people search. Changes will be made effective with the billing expiration date of your current subscription. To downgrade to a lower premium subscription level or to cancel your premium account and switch to a free personal account, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on 'Account & Settings' found in the upper right hand side of the home page.
  2. Click on 'Compare Account Types' and identify the account type that best fits your needs.
  3. Click on 'Customer Service' link found at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click on 'Ask Customer Service' tab on the 'Customer Service Center' page.
  5. Enter your account's primary email address in 'Contact Information'.
  6. In the 'Subject' type 'Downgrade My Subscription' (if you want a lower level premium subscription) or 'Cancel My Subscription' (if you want to just keep the free personal account).
  7. In the 'Question' text box, identify what type of account you want to end up with through this request. For example, "I would like to change to Business Plus account" or "I only want a free personal account" .
  8. Click on 'Continue'.
  9. Click on 'Finish Submitting Request'.

Basically Linked-In has adopted the “Roach Motel” model of accounts.  Easy to get into hard to get out of.  Like the old AOL.  This tells me alot.  Linked-in is desperate for revenue and using contracts to swindle their customers along.  Time to short Linked-In.  (if you could).

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My buddie Doran’s new race bike


SEXY!  SOOO jealous now.

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April 14, 2009

Well something is going right

I have written before about the TED spread.  Back in October it was approaching 5.  Unfrigg’n believable.  Since the election is has been on its way down.  A TED Spread of 1 is normal. That means credit is moving again. 

Well it is back to about 1, where it should be. 

I am sleeping a bit better.

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April 6, 2009

Watch your TV tomorrow

There will be a story about Kashless.org by Tim Robinson, KING 5 reporter.  It was filmed last week and will be showing a couple of times tomorrow on a couple of different stations.

It will be shown several times....


* 6:40 a.m. - KING (teaser version)


* 7:45 a.m. - KONG


* 8:45 a.m. - KONG


* KING 5 News at Noon - KING


* KING 5 News at 10 - KONG


Additionally, a version of the story may run during KING 5 News at 5 (5-6 p.m., KING) or KING 5 News at 6:30 (6:30-7, KING) and it will be posted at KING5.com.

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University clean energy competition has 16 entries

Who says there aren’t any good clean tech ideas in the northwest.  Last week on Thursday I spoke at a Seattle University sustainable conference and over this weekend there was a Green Business plan contest at U of W that drew 16 entries.  Two that i think are fundable and I have encouraged them to apply to NW Energy angels, NanoCel and InTheWorks. . 

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April 2, 2009

Watching Chris Bickford’s awesome slide show of Outer banks surfers

over at Burn Magazine.

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