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November 25, 2002

A super cool new media

A super cool new media art and learning party in NYC this last weekend that you all should have been at: <a href="">Decom 2002 on its way! Come participate</a> Didn't I see you in that cat outfit?

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OK so I have been

OK so I have been living in the land of hedonism for the last two months. Yes I mean New York City, US of A. It is also the land of uber everything. I found TKNY, the uber gadget shop: <a href="">Compact-Impact 1102</a> Their site is cool in general, but make sure to check out <a href="">1102 The Best of Products</a>. There you will find an funky mix of "experts" with great gadget ideas for the whole family!

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November 21, 2002

If you were staying up

If you were staying up at night wondering what Ken dolls wore in 1963, wait no longer dear searcher...<a href="">1963 - Mattel Ken Fashions - Page 3</a>

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A contender for the home

A contender for the home theatre PC. Funky shape...<a href="">Alienware : Navigator Pro</a>

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The perfect Christmas gift for

The perfect Christmas gift for the guy who has everything...<a href="">1102 USB Xmas Tree</a>

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At one time in this

At one time in this great game of life, I actually believed that the big media companies of this world were interested
in expanding their businesses. After all I though, aren't they into feeding the public desires? Aren't they making what we want to see and hear? Why don't they give it to us how we want to see it? On our computers? Well that is a whole nother kettle of phish. Recently the dinasaurs put out their latest red herring: <a href=";jsessionid=WNPJ52H3H1JAACQ2MV0SAOQKDRSXIIV0?_requestid=73209">Welcome to Movielink</a>. Anyone want to pay for downloading crappy, view once only movies you can't send to your friends?

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November 19, 2002

A very nice enforcer...Military Pistol

A very nice enforcer...<a href="">Military Pistol Frameset</a>

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OK, so you don't know

OK, so you don't know what Santa is bringing for Christmas? Well do what I did and take things into your own hands. Order one of these: <a href="">Segway</a>. You will be the cats meow when they ship. The first thing I am going to do is hack the thing and find out how to juice the speed up a coupla notches.

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November 14, 2002

When I am feeling like

When I am feeling like a paddle out into the deep blue, the first place I check for west coast surf is:<a href="">Pacific Wave Rider</a>. They do the best job. And have great features too. Check out some of the travel pieces if you are thinking of traveling to surf.

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November 12, 2002

Here is a really cool

Here is a really cool company with an undervalued stock...<a href="">Loudeye Technologies</a>

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this is a cool site

this is a cool site with a Home Theatre PC spec. I am thinking about building one <a href="">Tom's Hardware Guide</a>

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